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Our Methods

When you eat Caraveo Papayas, you can be sure that you are eating the finest, best-tasting produce in the business. All of our farms are fully certified by international food safety agencies including SAGARPA in Mexico, Inocuidad Mexico, Primuslabs, and the USDA in the United States. Our dedication to offering quality fruit, free of dirt and other pollutants, pushes us to continually perfect and improve our fruit sanitation and quality control methods during every stage of production.

The Caraveo Way

The first step in our distribution process is cutting the fruit just as it nears ripeness. Then it is wrapped in newspaper before transporting it to the packaging area. The next step is to thoroughly sanitize the fruit by pre-washing them with a mixture of water, detergent and disinfectant to ensure the proper removal of dirt and other contaminants. Next, the fruit is soaked in a fungicide mixture to inhibit the growth of bacteria during transport.

To ensure that only the best product arrives at your doorstep, all of our fruit is inspected and specially selected according to its size, ripeness, shape and consistency. Because of this, we can guarantee that you will only receive the ripest, most pristine fruit possible.

After selection, the fruit is then passed through a dryer, which will reduce humidity and better preserve the fruit for transport and distribution. Finally, our papayas are packaged and ready for distribution. To ensure an even quality product, all of our papayas are packaged in groups according to similar stages of color and maturation. From their initial cutting all the way into your hand, our sole objective is to provide you with the best possible product in the market.