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Who We Are?

At Caraveo Papayas, our family believes that quality produce should be easily accessible to everyone and that's why our name is synonymous with great-tasting, superior quality products for wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets across the U.S. and Canada. Based in New York, our produce hails from all over Latin America, but our papayas are grown exclusively in Mexico. Because of our advanced growing methods, fruit sanitation process and hard work, we are consistently able to offer you or your business the best produce Mother Earth has to offer.

A Legacy of Love

Since our inception, we have been committed to excellence when it comes to delivering the highest quality fruit to customers in New York, California, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Canada and many other major cities across North America. As distributors of a product as delicate as fruit, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that your business will be afforded with the ripest, most flavorful fruit that is free of bruising and other damages often incurred in transit.

As a family of consumers ourselves, we know that part of selling exceptional produce is ensuring that your fruit is safe to eat. That's why our food safety measures have become an integral part of our business. Our sanitation and cleaning methods not only ensure that your fruit is free of dirt and other pollutants, but also that it is something we would serve to our own family. Our efficient growing and distribution methods have solidified our reputation as the number one name in papayas.