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Passion Based on Tradition

Fresh produce is our passion. For over 20 years, our family has dedicated time and effort to growing tasty fruits and vegetables all year long and providing our products to wholesalers and restaurants across North America. Not only is our produce fresh and savory, it's safe. We comply by the highest standards set forth for the industry.

We enjoy what we do and we want to share the fruit of our labor with the rest of the world. Our distribution center is strategically located in Edinburg, Texas, only minutes from the international bridge for more efficient transportation. We are proud to claim our produce reaches from Mexico and South America to the United States and Canada.

Taste Like Perfection

Consumers don't generally think about where their produce is grown. All that matters is having a good selection of clean, perfectly ripened fruits and vegetables at their disposal. We know your ultimate mission is to provide consumers with a continuous supply of great tasting fresh produce. At Caraveo Papaya, we help you accomplish that with our resourceful distribution methods and quality-control techniques. Why else do you think we are recognized as one of the most trusted papaya distributors in the business?

We understand customer satisfaction begins with us. You can trust that our passion for providing fresh produce is catered to your needs and that of your customers.